ZIP Auto-Post. What Is It?

Zip auto-post is a plugin under WordPress, it’s an intelligent system so sophisticated that it enables all your posted listings in to be automatically posted on your main website as well without any intervention from your part, none whatsoever. Gateway Gateway gives you 2 possibilities to display your property listings.

1- Transfert of all listings from to your very own website

(In other words, all listings that you entered at can be automatically posted on your own website, in order to do that, you need to fill out some important documentation to give Centris permission to send you the ZIP file via FTP to your own server, you also will give permission to your Webmaster company (us if the case may be) and we’ll implement our very own ZIP Auto-Post plugin on your website so all posting will be transparent to your company, we handle all details for you.

2- Detailed redirection of all property listings from to your won website.

This option of data redirection enables you to send customers searching at for your listings directly to your own website. Again you will need to fill out some paperwork in order for your Webmaster company of choice to handle all aspect of redirection.