Centris ZIP Auto-Post

How Does It Work?

ZIP Auto-Post plugin is a plugin design to work under WordPress. This plugin can’t work on a regular html website or any other types of CMS platform. As long as you have a WordPress website, this plugin is 100% compatible.

If you don’t have a WordPress Real Estate website, we can build one for you fully optimized for SEO search engines and responsive design for mobile view.  (See our plans).

Thanks to the intelligent mechanism of the ZIP Auto-Post plugin, all your Centris.ca listings will be automatically posted on your main website without any intervention on your part. We do all the installation and configuration of the plugin so it’s all transparent to you. The only thing you will need to do if fill out the Centris documentation in order to tell Centris your desire to have your ZIP MLS content delivered to your server via FTP daily, you will also fill out the details for our company so we can manage your ZIP files.



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Centris MLS Data Sync With Realestate Agencies Websites

Centris is the Realestate MLS central board in Quebec, Canada. All realestate agencies agents are required to enter all listings in the province of Quebec at the Centris central office.

But the problem lies in transmitting this important data such as new properties listings, sold listings, expired listings, price updates and any other changes in the agencies listings to their own website. Since Centris office does not provide any solutions other that sending all data content in a zip file via FTP containing txt files with lot`s of data spread out all over the place to make it completely impossible by anybody to decode it and manually post everything required at the proper places on the website. Your really need the help of a programmer to decode all the data  information in order to post all listings info to a real estate agent website and that could cost you an arm and a leg.

Specialists from SynchronisationMLSQuebec.com   have the perfect solution for your Real Estate website , experts here have designed a special WordPress plugin called ZIP Auto-Post, that will fetch and open the zip file and then read all txt files information and post at appropriate places on the real estate website including all photos.